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  • Did you know that Mexican cuisine is generally GLUTEN-FREE? In fact, wheat was not introduced to Mexico until the Spanish arrived! Ask us to develop a gluten-free menu for you, or, just look for the ∂ in our menu, below.


  • Antojitos are Mexican street food favorites and, like Tapas, can be a meal all unto themselves, or offered before the main course in lieu of an appetizer(s). Add a few items from our Dessert selections to finish off your night!


  • Cazuelas are traditional Mexican casseroles (see photo left) served with warm fresh tortillas. Typically, 3-4 cazuelas are offered, one of which is always Frijoles de Olla (Clay-pot beans).


  • Appetizers,  Antojitos, Desserts and some Beverages are priced individually. Dinners typically start at $65/person (service, tax and gratuity are additional) and include an appetizer or selection from our Antojitos menu, entrée(s), sides, salad, handmade corn tortillas and dessert. 7- course Chef's Tasting Menus are priced from $75. Brunches and Lunches start at $48-55/person. Request a quote here.


  • We always serve handmade corn tortillas. Tortillas made by our TORTILLERA, right there at your event are also available (additional charge applies).


  • We gladly accommodate VEGETARIAN diets, for just a few of your guests or an entire meal, look for the ‡ in our menu below.


  • Don't see your favorite Mexican dish? Just ask... there's a good chance we make it... (sorry, we do not offer burritos); this is only a partial listing of what we offer.


Corn Chip-Crusted Tilapia w/ "Higo" de Gallo (Pico de Gallo w/fresh figs)

Corn Chip-Crusted Tilapia w/ "Higo" de Gallo (Pico de Gallo w/fresh figs)


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Only Appetizers, Antojitos and Beverages are priced per item, except as noted. Beverage prices exclude the cost of any alcohol, so, for example, for the Sangria, we purchase the wine in consultation with you, and submit the receipts.

 ‡  indicates vegetarian option, ∂ indicates Gluten-free

 ask us how many you will need for a cocktail hour, a Cocktail Party or an Antojitos Tasting with or without Dessert Bar, we're here to help!

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Mexican Crudite Bites  

Mexican Crudite Bites