Our Modern Mexican menu features the best of traditional Mexican culinary techniques fused with the vast array of amazing ingredients available here, in the SF Bay area. These are recipes that have evolved since Chef Gray began cooking Mexican cuisine in San Francisco, over a dozen years ago, and have been refined as new ingredients appeared in the market. Our Mary's Smoked Duck Enchiladas w/ Sweet Plantains and Blackberry Mole topped with Queso Cotija and Fresh Corn Sorbet w/ Cinnamon-Piloncillo Sprinkle & Chocolate Shavings are example of the kind of innovation offered in this menu.

Mexican Cheese and Meat Board/ Grilled Chile-Lime Baby Cactus Paddle (Nopalitos) / Queso Fresco/ Ate de Membrillo (Guava Paste) & Queso Panela/ Housemade Cecina (Mexican cured beef)


Aguachile- Chef's choice of lime-marinaded local, seasonally available hook-and-line whitefish or scallop/ salsa verde/ avocado /tostada (see photo)

Carne Apache- Steak Tartare meets Ceviche

Chicken Blackberry Mole Appetizer   
Tostada / Cotija Cheese / Green Plantain Chip
(see photo on Reviews & Awards page) 

Grilled Calamari / Chimichurri Sauce

Baby Shrimp Cake / Brava Sauce / Avocado aioli

Elote Pops: (seasonal) our version of a Mexican street food favorite, grilled, dusted with lime butter and Cotija cheese, topped with signature Burnt Chipotle Mecca Salsa (see photo top of Dinner Menu page)

Salpicon de Mariscos Mixta: "salpicon" literally translates as a "jumble", I use crabmeat and shrimp with fresh lime and chile, served on a housemade tostada (see photo of Crab Salpicon top of this page)

Alas Locas- "crazy" chicken wings, select from Mole, Chipotle BBQ, Mexican Dry Spiced






All dinner served with handmade tortillas made from locally-milled masa:

Nopalito: "Green" tortillas infused with baby cactus paddles

Blue Corn

Traditional: White or Yellow Corn

Watch as our tortillera creates light, fluffy tortillas by hand, right in from of your guests, from corn masa which we get directly from the mollino! (additional charge applies).

Sweet Potato Taco Queso Fresco Yucatan Habanero Citrus Salsa.JPG


Arranchera: Steak / Bacon / Roasted Poblanos / Melted Queso Oaxaca

Chicken in Blackberry Mole:  Plantain Mash /Quesos Cotija

Chipotle-dusted Sweet Potato / Queso Oaxaca / Yucatan Citrus-Habanero Salsa / Blue Corn Tortilla (also available with Pork Lardon)

Pistachio-crusted Salmon / Pistachio Pipian

Lamb Picadillo:   minced roasted lamb/ almonds / golden raisins / green olives

Riced Cauliflower: Charred Poblano Chiles /Spanish white onion/ Manchego

Panko-Chile Dusted Shrimp / Mango Jam/ Chipotle Aioli

Carne Enchilada Estilo Michoacán: Beef Brisket / Pasilla Chile Salsa /Tomatillos

Almost PaellaAll the seafood & veggies (no rice)


Tamal de Cazuela.JPG


Halibut / Plantain Mash / Hazelnut Mole / Mango Salsa (see photo, left)

Mexican Paella: Mussels/ Shrimp/ Chorizo/ Chicken/ Peas/ Choclo (Giant Peruvian Corn)/ Roasted Sweet Red Peppers/ Saffron Rice

Chicken, Fish or Fennel  Pibil- cooked in banana leaf with achiote/ served with Pickled Red Onion & Habanero

Vol au Vent de Camarones- puff pastry shells / tarragon sauce from our Afrancesada (French-Mex) menu

Cornish Game Hen / Rose Hibiscus Sauce

Pistachio-crusted Salmon / Pistachio Pipian


Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 5.22.02 PM.png

Artisanal salsas matched to the flavor profiles of your menu selections are served with tacos.